about us

We are part of a company group owned and founded by mechanical engineers and agricultural engineers whose passion is agriculture. The other parts of the company group carry out farming and other farm-related services. On the one hand, we provide agricultural services over several thousand hectares and we have access to thousands of hectares due to excellent connections with neighboring farms. On the other hand, we would like to extend our services and leverage our experiences with contributing to the development of the next generation of agricultural machines, so we are looking for opportunities to cooperate with agricultural machine manufacturers/developers.

What we can provide

  • Access to several thousand hectares of different field types for testing purposes
  • Excellent location from a transport point of view near Veszprém, Hungary(highway within 15 km, railway within 5 km)
  • Hands-on experience with agricultural vehicle testing
  • We can provide valuable inputs for developments based on our 30 years of experience in agricultural machinery
  • Optionally, we can share our site with several huge storage buildings and halls
  • We have extensive expertise and knowledge in silage and harvester/combine machines as well as tractors
  • Well-equipped, modern workshop with all the necessary tools and equipment
  • Working experience from multinational companies such as development engineer: Claas, Eaton Hydraulics, etc
  • Good understanding of multinational company processes for development and validation
  • Mechanical engineering background and experience from: General Electric, Claas, Eaton Hydraulics
  • In-depth knowledge regarding: Lean, SixSigma, Rootcause analysis, Project management and Quality assurance
  • Multilingual ownership: We speak French, English and German
  • Experienced and hard-working team in the field of agricultural machinery including service staff and operators
  • 30 years of experience with the biggest machine manufacturers’ products: CNH, John Deere, AGCO, Claas
  • Deep passion for agricultural machines
  • Excellent knowledge of the Hungarian market
  • Marketing experience on the Hungarian market

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please do not hesitate to call us or write to us.

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